Lester won hearts the world over with such characters and the hard-drinking Billy Bob, a gregarious linebacker who suffers greatly at the hands of his brutally demanding coach (Jon Voight) in Varsity Blues, in which he starred with Paul Walker and Scott Caan. For his successful run as Sugar Daddy on the WBs hit show Popular, Lester was nominated for two consecutive years for "Best Side Kick" category at the Teen Choice Awards. In the feature spoof, Not Another Teen Movie, he poked fun at his own breakout role in Varsity Blues. He also appeared in what was to be the first Warner Bros Internet film, Drum Solo.

He also made recurring guest star appearances on the television series, All That, The Keenan & Kel Show, Freaks & Greeks, Sabrina The Teenaged Witch and CSI New York.

Self-described as "Gucci Country". Ron is originally from Kennesaw, Georgia (yes, Ron hails from the only city in the US where you must own a firearm to be a resident). Lester took advantage of the admittedly infrequent chances he had to perform on-stage in school and church productions. Among these, one of his most memorable experiences was writing and directing a show preformed by a group of mentally challenged students. Soon after, he landed a spot as an extra in a Formula 409 commercial, in which he so impressed the director with his screen presence and humor that he was offered his first feature role in that same commercial. Then came the music video, "Kick A Little" by the country music group, “Little Texas” which was directed by John Smalls who is also known for his work with Garth Brooks. Each of the producers on both commercials and the music video had the scripts re-written to make Ron the main focus of the action.

Driven by this early success, Lester moved to Hollywood, California to hone his natural gift beginning with stand-up comedy. He made the rounds, becoming an audience favorite at such famous clubs like The Laugh Factory, Melrose Improv, Punchline and the Ice House. His very first feature film audition won him the role of Spatch in the hit comedy Good Burger - and he's never looked back.

Honoring his mothers dream is the actor's main priority in life, but most of his time and energies go into a number of charities associated with children, particularly cancer. Because of his close, loving relationship with his mother MaryEllen, and recently losing her to Ovarian Cancer, he has promised to become deeply involved in charities dedicated to fighting this disease, in her honor.

Ron has an unswerving commitment to the US Armed Forces and has completed several U.S.O. and A.F.E. tours to Europe and the Middle East where he met with troops and was named a "Jedi Pimp" by the military crew and staff aboard the USS Constellation.

His hobbies include a love of music with a particular fondness for the entire catalogues of Robbie Williams and George Strait. His need for speed is well-represented by his amateur status in both Rally Car and Track Racing (dreams of doing celebrity grand prix) while his late father, Leonard, inspired Ron's love for motorcycles. As for his "quieter" interests, he has a far-flung reputation among other collectors as the "Jay Leno of toy cars" for his collecting of 1:18 scale toy cars.

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